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It all started with a DUCK!

A craft project with my daughter turned into a business selling natural homemade soap that helped pay for her, and her brother's college.


When I started making my 100% all natural handmade soap, it was exciting going to my first big craft fair, but was a bit discouraged when I saw so many other soap makers with the same basic varieties. 


I had to find a better bar of soap, something no one else was making.  After doing plenty of research, I found BEER soap!

Why Beer?

You've heard of washing your hair with beer?

Through the fermentation process, beer is full of enzymes, proteins, B vitamins, antioxidants and other minerals.

There are so many local craft breweries popping up, I've used some of their beers making their signature soaps.


Of course, my absolute best seller is Guinness.  It's not much to look at - but the scent is intoxicating! 


Smells so delicious, but don't take a bite, 

unless you say a bad word!

Girl pouring beer.jpg
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