Phantom Galaxy - James Webb Telescope
  • Phantom Galaxy - James Webb Telescope

    This is a fresh batch, it's still curing and will be available Oct. 8


    Part of a new collection based on the images coming from the James Webb Telescope.  

    I have been so blown away by the most detailed pictures yet from the farthest in the universe that we’ve ever been. It’s just so amazing to me, I just love exploring new places and learning new things. So, I decided to make a soap based on some of the pictures,


    Scented with chilly winter notes of peppermint, spearmint, and cold winter air sparkle through a fresh blend of lime, crisp apple, and bergamot, while notes of winter lily, coconut, and galbanum adds interest.

    • Ingredients:

      Water, Coconut, Olive & Castor Oils, Lard, Shea Butter, Yogurt & Fragrance