Good for what Ale’s you!

Treat yourself to the beauty benefits of a brew.

With our beer soaps, you have your own ​European luxury spa treatment.

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Weekend I: NEW Theme: The Tudors – Henry VIII…He’s Back! (February 8th and February 9th 2020) We welcome you back to another Season of Romance, Intrigue and Adventure! It’s the 28th Season of our Festival and we’ve decided to go back to the beginning with the undisputed King of the Renaissance, King Henry VIII.


Suspended Between

Myth and History



Come Be Welcome in our Village ! Browse through our Enchanted Artisan Marketplace where over One Hundred Merchants demonstrate and sell their wares. Behold blown glass, hammered pewter, wooden toys, hand-tooled leather, weaponry, unique pottery, abundant clothing and a Wealth of other Riches, including Festival Memorabilia ! Applaud Hundreds of Performers, not only on our Twelve Stages, but literally all around you ! You’ll meet Sword fighters, Minstrels, Magicians, Wenches and more ! “All the world’s a Stage” here in the Village of Kimmendale. Cheer for Heroic Knights, as they mount their noble steeds and charge with thunderous speed in exciting Jousts, thrice daily ! Feast on a Cornucopia of Fyne Foods fit for a King or Queen! Enjoy Delectable Desserts without regret ! Visit the Pubs and Toast the Royal Court with a tankard of  Cold Ale or Hard Cider. For the softer palette we offer Meads and Wines as well. Play Games of Chance and Skill which challenge both young and old alike, such as Axe Throwing, Archery, Test of Strength, Jacob’s Ladder, The Hang Bar, Fencing and Water Games and so more more ! Thrill to a ride on the Giant Rocking Horse, get lost in The Maze, or the Haunted Graveyard ! You can streak across the sky on the Knight’s Flight Zipline or go for a spin on the human-powered Flying Carrousel ! There is So Much to do ! Come Experience the Adventure that is the One and Only Florida Renaissance Festival ! Huzzah !

Look for my booth

- in the same spot -

across from the Haunted Graveyard and next to the Children's Stage




New Lotion Scents

Atlantis & Lavender Sage



Body Mist

Due South Brewery's


Beer Soap    $7.50

Sailfish Brewery's

"White Marlin"

Beer Soap    $7.00




Beer'd Oils

for your Beard

Shaving Soaps

Made with BEER!

All soaps are made with my special recipe of Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Lard & Castor Oil with Organic Shea Butter  -  and a little Greek Yogurt mixed in.

 Together they combine to give you a cleansing and moisturizing soap with extra creamy bubbly lather.

Of course - the beer is the ingredient that is extra special and sets us apart from other soaps:

  • Detoxifies & Exfoliates the Body - Purifying & Cleansing

  •  Invigorating & Rejuvenating – leaving Soft, Supple and Elastic Skin

  •  Barley & Hops:  Nourishes and Heals - High in Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Selenium, Iron, Zinc & Copper Proteins & Minerals – the Building Blocks of Great Skin & Hair

  • Yeast:  Full of B Vitamins and Saccharides which Purify, Renew and Regenerate the Skin, Locking in Moisture;  Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial agent;  Balances the Skin’s PH Levels


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